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Despite periodic calls for effective prevention, college student drinking is still responsible for:

  • over 1,700 deaths annually
  • over 600,000 assaults and almost as many unintentional injuries
  • nearly 100,000 sexual assaults

In producing its “Call to Action,” the NIAAA Task Force on College Student Drinking asked the research community to develop rigorous studies that would identify efficacious prevention strategies. The Safer California Universities Project, involving 14 universities and using a randomized, control-group experimental design, developed and implemented a comprehensive community intervention aimed at reducing alcohol consumption and related problems at off-campus homes and apartments, which seems to have succeeded in doing so.


The participating colleges and universities include:

UC Berkeley

CSU Chico
UC Davis CSU Long Beach
UC Riverside CSU Sacramento
UC Santa Cruz CSU Fullerton
UC Irvine CSU San Jose
UC Los Angeles CSU San Luis Obispo
UC San Diego  
UC Santa Barbara  

Click on a school to visit their webpages dedicated to this project.


This competitive continuation application seeks funds to replicate the intervention with the former control campuses, while further developing the implementation to achieve even greater impact. It would also examine student and campus-level factors that may facilitate or mitigate the intervention’s impact.


Future dissemination of the intervention will be made possible by the development of a “toolkit” designed to give both general and specific instructions for duplicating the program at other colleges and universities.


Principle Investigator: Robert F. Saltz, Ph.D.


The UC Irvine Health Education Center serves as the liaison for this systemwide project funded by Prevention Research Center.  UCI is partnering with several community agencies to assist in this study.  Please check our other pages for additional information.