Did you know that having a positive attitude can benefit your health? In the book, "Instant Calm", Paul Wilson shares, “Optimism is the most important attitude you can pursue. Not only will it help you to be calm, but it will bring increased happiness, better health, more effective relationships and vastly improved communications.”


Why is this? There is probably more than one reason -- for example, optimists are more likely to engage in positive health behaviors and have a positive perception of the world reduces their stress.  Optimists believe that discrepancies between their goals and their current attainment will be resolved. They minimize defeat-related moods such as shame, depression, and anger, which are cause physiological changes in the body.


When asked which comes first -- a sense of calm or a positive, happy outlook -- Paul Wilson shares, “It hardly matters. If you can maintain a state of real calm, you can be positive and happy. Conversely, if you are positive and happy, you will find it easy to be calm.” Having an optimistic attitude can change your life and benefit your health.

The Benefits of Optimism

  • Optimists experience less negative mood
  • Optimism has been tied with better physical health & successful coping with health challenges

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