Expressive Therapies

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Music Therapy

Research has shown that music has a profound effect on the body and mind. Music therapy studies the effect music has on physiological changes including heart beat, breathing rhythm, galvanic skin response, blood pressure, hormone levels, immune response and brain activity. All of these physiological changes relate to our feelings of stress and anxiety.


Music therapy uses music to heal and has been used to help cancer patients, children with ADD and pain management. Music therapy can help ease muscle tension and promote movement. 

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Art Therapy


Art therapy utilizes the act of drawing and creating art to help relieve stress. This works in several ways. 


First, the act of drawing or creating art can take your mind off of what is stressing you - at least for a short while. While you are engrossed in the process, you should have a clearer head in which to return to your daily tasks.


Another benefit to art therapy is while engaging in creating art, you are engaged in the action to the point of being in a near meditative state. This results in many of the benefits of meditation and you may feel less stressed when you are done. 


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Rhythmic Drumming


Rhythmic drumming engages partcipants by utilizing hand drums and other percussion instruments for stress management, expression and to promote well-being.  


When engaging in rhythmic drumming, you are engaged in the present moment. This act can be a powerful sensory stimulus that impacts the brain and body. Drumming can help you release emotions. Rhythmic drumming creates organization, allowing people to relate to the music without having to relate directly to each other.


Rhythmic devices are being used to assist autistic children to increase their attention spans as well as to aid Parkinson's patients and stroke victims to reagin control of their movement.


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Journaling is the practic of keeping a diary or journal to record thoughts, feelings and events in one's life. 


By engaging in journaling - worries, concerns, thoughts, and dreams are expressed. Journaling is a tool for self exploration as well as stress management. Many consider this action to be theraputic, healing and rewarding.  


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